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Maintenance Tips in Chatsworth, CA

Roof Maintenance Tips

Many people think that they can have a new roof installed and everything will be fine until they get to the end, or at least near the end, of their material warranty period. They think they're "good to go" for the next 30 to 40 years. Most don't think anything about roof maintenance until their roof starts causing them problems. And it seems those problems always occur at the most inconvenient times! But there are steps you can take to avoid damage to the inside of your home/building.
  • Leaks can be caused by debris build-up from overhanging trees or stopped up down-spouts and gutters or drains built into the roof. Be sure your gutters and/or drains are checked and cleaned out. This should be done before the rainy season each year and/or if they begin to overflow. If we are having a lot of wind and rain, you may need to do this more than once during the season and possibly weekly or even daily, depending on your roof and the current weather conditions (i.e. extreme wind or rain).

  • Other workers sometimes damage the integrity of your roof. If you have had an HVAC unit, skylight, satellite dish, cable, solar system, vent pipe or some type of attic ventilation installed, or electrical lines run on your roof, or had the house tented, the roof may have been damaged. Any time someone other than a roofer has been working up on your roof, you should be concerned! Most are specialists in their own line of work, not ours. Be sure they are not putting unnecessary holes in your roof. Any holes they do make should be properly sealed. Even securing Christmas lights or other decorations can cause a problem! Time and again, we have had calls about leaks, gone out, and found damage that was caused by some activity that has occurred up on the roof.

  • Check for wind damage. Stand back from your roof and use binoculars to take a close look. Is anything missing? Do you see shingles that are lifted and not lying down flat? What about worn areas where the granules on the shingles appear to be worn off, or in the case of a rock roof, areas with no rock. Check the ridge line (at the peak). Are any pieces of ridge missing? Don't allow tree limbs or vines to contact your roof. Limbs rubbing as the wind blows will damage your roof over time. Vines can grow up under shingles and loosen them.

  • Occasionally leaks are caused by something OTHER than the roof! During periods of heavy rain, masonry chimneys can actually soak up more water than they can hold and suddenly you have a leak. Waterseal applied to the chimney can help to prevent this. Protruding beams may soak up water, carry it back to the house and into the attic or in through any open-beam ceiling. At times, condensation may collect in a ceiling and then drip back into the room.
Taking these precautionary steps can add years of life to your roof. And catching a problem before you have a leak can save you headaches and money!