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About Milner Roofing in Chatsworth, CA

Milner Roofing was started in 1967 by Thomas R. Milner. Tom had been roofing since 1949, starting in Arizona and later, in 1953, moving to the San Fernando Valley to look for more work. He worked for various roofers, learning the trade, and eventually became a foreman for a large local company. Then Tom got his contractor's license and began his own company - Milner Roofing.
Rodman E. Turner — Roofing Services in Simi Valley, CA
Rodman E. Turner (Rod) started working for Milner Roofing in March of 1970, after coming home from the Navy and working for a short while for the post office. Six months later he married Tom's daughter, Kathy, and became an official member of the family.
Thomas M. Milner — Roofing Services in Simi Valley, CA
Thomas M. Milner (Mike) started working for Milner Roofing after he came home from the Navy in 1971. He had worked on and off for his dad before joining the service. Mike married his wife, Rissa, in 1977. A few years later Kathy and Rissa began answering the Milner Roofing phone and working in the office, making this a real "family business"!
Taught by Tom, who was an expert when it came to roofing and a real stickler for detail, Mike and Rod learned to do things the right way. They are still concentrating on quality work and the high standards they were taught. When you hire Milner Roofing, you can've hired the best!